Sky Commander

Sky Commander

Replacement for Windows file manager

What is the best way to manage your files, folders, archives and FTP sites? The secret is now revealed - you should use Sky Commander! Only Sky Commander can offer you really powerful tools for comfortable work with files.


  • Work with archives as with regular folders. Sky Commander supports all popular archive formats and can work with them as if with regular folders
  • FTP works much faster. A built-in cache system allows you to browse the contents of an FTP site five times faster
  • With the help of the Secure Deletion Wizard, you will be able to delete your "secret" files and folders once and for all, without any possibility to restore them with special software
  • You won't have to wait. Any long operation such as deleting, copying, and moving files runs in a separate thread
  • Sky Commander has more than 90 commands, utilities and tools. Using them, you will get really powerful feature for comfortable work

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Sky Commander


Sky Commander

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